Tuff Stuff Overland

Base Camp Overland Trailer

This trailer is pretty damn awesome. There are seven doors with a combination of drawers, storage space, and the command center. There is also three compartments at the front of the trailer (space for a full-size propane tank, two jerry cans, and a lidded compartment) and a drawer on the top. The best thing about this trailer is the kitchen setup. We did replace the stove because Crystal needed way more BTUs, but having the sink with water storage makes dishes so much easier. The slide in the back for the fridge is great, even with just a Lifetime cooler.

The suspension has made this trailer more than capable of going so many places that normal camp trailers cannot.

Elite Overland Roof Top Tent & Annex

When we first brought the trailer and RTT home, we thought the tent might be too big for us. I mean, it has two ladders!

After using the RTT for a few trips, we quickly realized that with both of us and the two dogs, the tent is the perfect size for a good nights sleep. Eddie can open/close the tent on his own without assistance, but it goes just a bit quicker with two of us. Crystal hasn’t tried and it may be a year or so until she can. We’ll update this once she has attempted it.

Check out our Tuff Stuff Overland Trailer build page for updates on our changes

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