Oneida Narrows Reservoir

I was told about this reservoir from a dear friend who lives in and has grown up in Idaho. Her husband loves to fish and they know all the good places to go. The websites for the reservoir and campground are not very helpful at all, so we made our map in Gaia and hoped we would find a good spot. Or a spot at all.

Eddie and I took off Friday so we could make it up there early and have more time to relax next to the reservoir. I’m so glad we did because the campground with only twelve spots filled up fast after we got there. We didn’t get the good spots and had to settle, but we still had a good view of the reservoir. And we were really close to the vault toilets, which is always a plus when they exist. At least in my book.

The drive up from the Salt Lake area was uneventful most of the way. We hit some construction, but it wasn’t too bad. We enjoyed going through parts of Utah we hadn’t explored yet. For being late August, the meadow grassland areas up in the Logan/Brigham City area were green and gorgeous.

Oneida Narrows road was well maintained and really easy to traverse in the 4Runner with the Tuff Stuff Base Camp trailer. Although, we did discover that if you follow the directions on Google Maps to the address on the website, you go much further north of the actual campground. Our cousin did that and couldn’t find us for a while. Thank goodness we had our ham radios to help us communicate and bring him to the right spot.

The first night we learned that the campground had some resident skunks that really weren’t afraid of people. Or barking dogs. Our trash bag was low enough that one of the babies was happily trying to find some food. We scared it off and nobody ended up smelly. But, momma and babies decided to join our cousin in his annex while he was sleeping on his cot later that night. Again, thankfully they aren’t afraid of people.

We spent most of our Saturday enjoying the reservoir by simply hanging out and some of us tried to fish. There was one cave along the road that I wanted to hike up to, but wasn’t suited for the majority of us, so I decided not to push it. It was a relaxing, beautiful day. As I write this, I distinctly remember that relaxing feeling.

The rest of the stay was uneventful and enjoyable. The road in the campground was quiet so the kids had fun going between the camp and the reservoir. It was a great place to have young kids.

We did discover that there are spots further north along the reservoir that are unimproved and free. We will most likely go for one of those next time as there is a lot more space there. This is definitely an area we will come back to in the future. Next time, we will probably rent a paddle board or something because the water was perfect.

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