Blue Lake

Some of our friends raved about this dispersed camping area and had amazing pictures to back it up. So we planned a trip and headed up into the Uintahs to find this lake. The drive was beautiful and the road was very well maintained, most of the way. The last couple miles was a true off-road trail that took the majority of our time getting there. We even had a guy on a 4-wheeler come by and tell us we should turn around because we won’t make it up.

But we did. We didn’t get the prized camping spot, or any of the main camping spots, but we did get a beautiful spot. The lake was beautiful and very calm. When I say lake, this isn’t a lake you bring a boat too. Kayaks, paddle boards, and small canoes are all you’ll be getting out there.

The worst part of the whole weekend was the mosquitos. Absolutely horrible.

We will definitely be going back and trying to get the best camping spot. Next time we will leave earlier or even take a day off to get up there before the crowd.

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