American Fork Canyon

Eddie went with a friend up this canyon camping in early June and loved it, so they decided to bring the wives and kids. This time, we went up in early July and learned that it was a bit different. It was still absolutely beautiful and the river was flowing wonderfully. But the side-by-sides had torn up the road pretty bad and the dispersed campsite was extremely sandy. The dirt was not packed down at all. Also, previous campers had thrown ash out of the fire pit and into the main walk/seating area. And, nearby campers were having music wars! It was extremely obnoxious.

The canyon is beautiful. Overall, the campsite was beautiful. Our biggest complaints are around the carelessness of others.

We went up the road to the abandoned mine that is there and enjoyed a little off-roading. This was Crystal’s first camping trip since her back surgery and she did really well. She was extremely anxious to get up and get out there. So much so that she climbed up the old mining structure.

Pictures coming soon

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